Flying Fox IT is an expert team of IT professionals based in Selmeston, between Lewes and Eastbourne. In the wake of Heartbleed, Flying Fox IT Management Limited has partnered with LastPass to offer you a free 6-month premium upgrade for your LastPass account.

LastPass is an award-winning password manager that securely stores your passwords, generates strong passwords, and logs in to your online accounts for you. With the premium upgrade, you can use LastPass on all your mobile devices, too. Learn more.

If you are a LastPass user:

Log in to the LastPass icon in your browser toolbar, and click this link to redeem your Premium upgrade: Upgrade Now

If you are new to LastPass:

Getting started with LastPass is easy.

  1. Download & Crate A LastPass Account
  2. Complete the steps to create your account
  3. Click Upgrade Now to receive your premium upgrade
  4. Go to your favorite sites and click the * to start saving your logins.




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