What is on-page SEO

SEO is the short of Search Engine Optimizations. There are lot of method to do SEO, but there is some common SEO Tricks that must be needed for get Google Rank. What’s that? Okay I explain it now. Actually I don’t want to talk too much. There are 2 type of SEO can you do.

a) On-Page SEO or Online SEO
b) Off-Page SEO or Offline SEO

What is On-Page SEO or Online SEO?

When we setup meta tags, keywords, descriptions, post images, title in a article/post/page, its On-Page SEO. You can know more about On-Page SEO Here. Its depend on your website proper setup, proper article/content written method. So, we just discuss about it.

What is Off-Page SEO?

Backlink building, Google Adword Advertisement, Social Marketing, Social Bookmarking, Email marketing, Press Release, News Paper Advertisement kind of work is Off-Page SEO. Its not depend what content in your website, Its depend on what kind of advertisement you do.

So I hope, now you know what is on-page seo & what is off-page seo.  Lets go for discuss about on-page seo.

1) Metatag:

You need to setup metatag properly in your pages. There are most important some of metatag for google.


<title>Your Website/Page/Article/Post Title</title>

<meta name=”keyword” content=”your keywords, saparate, keywords, with, comma”>



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